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Rimbawi was created in 2009 by Othman Ayeb, a well know Malaysian nature guide with more than 20 years experience.

Together with his wife Rahayu and a team of local naturalists Othman reveals the most stunning landscapes and natural features and some of the hidden corners of the beautiful Langkawi archipelago. All Rimbawi nature guides are certified Green Badge nature guides by the Malaysian Tourism Ministry and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Othman is a recognized expert on snakes (possibly Malaysia's foremost authority) and has a disquieting habit of picking up some of the island most venomous and dangerous snakes with his bare hands.

In November 2001 Othman was featured in National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Channel

More recently Othman has worked as an advisor for National Geographic Channel when a team of naturalists came to Malaysia to study "snakes that fly".

Snakes that Fly

Guinness Book of Records

Othman is a Guinness World Record holder and was featured in the world famous record book in 1999 as the first ever world champion in the first ever snake-handling competition in the world.

Best Tour Guide Award

Langkawi Tourism Awards

In 2010 Othman was winner of the Langkawi tourism award for Best Tour Guide

Langkawi Tourism Awards

How to catch a snake - barehanded!

The video clip below will give you an insight into Othman's unusual ease with snakes.

1997 International Snake Handling Competition

Othman wins this prestigious competition (5:40).


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