Discover the heritage and lifestyle of Kubang Badak with a traditional wooden boat (Sampan)

Langkawi has been the crossroads of various civilizations. Successive waves of conquest and counter-conquest, trade and commerce have produced an interesting mix of races, religion and lifestyles. Each has left their influences (sometimes large, sometimes small) on the culture and habits of the people of this amazing island.

Kubang Badak is one of the least developed areas of Langkawi with almost no tourist activity. Get an authentic feel for the island and its rich cultural and natural heritage.

This essential guided tour is a must for those who would like to understand the people of the Langkawi, as well as appreciating the island for its natural beauty.

Join our nature guides in this interesting and different journey of cultural discovery and you will visit mangroves in a traditional wooden Sampan, explore hidden limestone caves, fishing village, historical sites, learn about the Malay martial art of Silat, meet a local family and develop new friendships.

Highlights of this tour:

  • Visit Kubang Badak mangroves in a traditional wooden Sampan.
  • Explore Gua Pinang caves.
  • Visit the ruins of one of Langkawi's oldest charcoal factories.
  • Experience a quiet nature trail.
  • Discover the ancient Malay martial art of Silat.

Time: Depending on the tides - every day except Wednesday.

Private Tour (minimum 2 pax)

Rates: 250 rm per person

Group / Family Tour (3 - 8 pax)

Rates: 200 rm per Adult / 100 per child (6-12 years old)

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