Experience the Rainforest at Night

The mystery of the unseen and unknown can hardly be greater than at night in virgin tropical Rainforest. The air is filled with the chorus of song birds, insects and other wildlife.

No forest journey can be judged completely without an experience in Langkawi's Rainforests after dark. Join our naturalist for Rainforest Night Discovery and let him unfold the many secrets the rainforest has to offer.

Time: 5.00 pm - 8.00 pm - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Private Tour (minimum 2 pax)

Rates: 250 rm per person

Group / Family Tour (3 - 8 pax)

Rates: 200 rm per Adult / 100 per child (6-12 years old)

Attire: Hat, T-shirt, long pants, hiking boots or sports shoes. Insect repellant.

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